Wednesday, June 18, 2008

puppies and old dogs

i never have taken to young puppies who yap all the time and run around full of themselves jumping on you and chewing everything you own and always into everything..i mean , they are cute but i just LOVE older dogs with eyes that want to please, and wait for you to come home so they can greet you at the door and put their head in your lap and just wait for a rub on their head,,and every once in awhile, they get enough energy to run to you for a little playing..but they are so lovable because they always have their eyes on you and want you to come home to them or just say something to them ,,even when i was younger ,,it was the old dogs that caught my heart.. which leads me to what happened sunday.... ok, i am 52 years old and i never was a partying type of girl even in my teens..i never learned how to "party".My version of a party is lots of kids and Elmo and Big Bird . So anyway, i normally work 6 days a week and that makes me feel even older so this past weekend i decided to treat myself to a weekend off..this is the 1st day off ive had i cant remember when...Aussie and Bay have been wanting to come over for awhile and swim and play,,so that is what we did swim and play and swim some more,,even grumps joined in on the fun we played int the sand and we played choo choo in the water..we ate junk food..Now this is a party..and we are party animals..Then on sunday afternoon, i decided to go it alone to the pool ..i packed my tall glass of coke zero ,,my phone(that i never hear ringing, so why bother with it?) and my good book to read and relax AAAAHHHHH!!! i have so looked forward to a little time to myself..when i get to the pool , there were 2 men(boys) there around 19 or 20 ,,ok good they wont bother me i will i start putting all my stuff on the table and laying my towel on my chair, when i hear HEY HOW ARE YOU ??WE HAD A REALLY ROUGH NITE LAST NITE.SO WE ARE RELAXING BY THE POOL(ok, so relax and quit yelling at me!)But out loud, i say good for you then i proceed to get comfortable with my book then,,HEY THE WATER FEELS GREAT WANNA COME IN AND SWIM WITH US??(no, i was with the kids yesterday)but i say no i have my book to relax with(to most people--this could be a hint) Then i start reading my book and really getting into it and then HEY DO YOU HAVE ANY SUNTAN LOTION?(ok, so he didnt get my hint)yes i do have suntan lotion..OH CAN I HAVE SOME?? He starts to walk away with my lotion and then yells HEY WILL YOU RUB IT ON ME??(please, do i look like mrs robinson???)but i say no, but you can borrow now he is starting to remind me of a young puppy ...yapping and running all around me..Back to my relaxing, and i hear him and his friend leave, so i get in the water he comes back in the gate and says HEY YOU GOT IN THE WATER DO YOU TO GET IN AND SWIM WITH ME NOW??(please go get your elmo doll and go away)but i say no, i was just cooling off...Finally i see him pack all of his stuff up and he stops by my chair telling me had a rough nite again (for the fourth time)..Then he says HEY, YOU WANNA GO PARTY WITH ME???(ok somebody get me a newspaper so i can swat this puppy on the head)instead i say no i think i'll stay here and read my book..Good, he 's gone and i relax thinking of the old dog upstairs at home that is always standing on the balcony waiting for me to come home, and he will come out to greet me,,and make sure i am home safe and give me some conversation and then he goes back to resting..I LOVE OLD DOGS......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i want to play too!!

ok, my kids are teaching me how to be like the rest of the world!!this is fun and i could be computer literate before this is over..course, i dont have pictures, but i love to talk so here it goes..i have been reading about my kids and their adventures and i just want to say that this is the best thing about my kids getting older,,i get to watch and laugh and i laugh alot at is so cool to see your kids become parents and handle parenthood in their own way and watch them lose one little brain cell at a time..just think one day you will all be like me!!but remember i had 9 grandkids to push my brain even further..but it is the coolest thing to see yall with your kids ..and to remember how you were as kids..isnt life good and isnt God good??even with your kids calling their brother biotch and the plumbing going crazy and getting up at night and running after a little tornando and not completing a sentence and not remembering what you just thought you forgot to say..did that make sense??hehe..and the poopy diapers and poopy moods,,isnt it true that one look from them will make it all worth it..or one i love you will melt your heart..its great..and yall are great at this parenting thing..